Client Testimonials


“Debra helped me with my goals and challenges in my life.  I was always excited to conquer my tasks and creative ideas given to me in my in box from each session.  I loved seeing my progress and was happy to share with Debra.  She was always impressed with my progress and that made me feel good.  I got great ideas I never would of thought of by myself.  I would do Life Coaching again and I am glad I got to understand it more.”- Karen


“Debra, you are one of the angels in my life. All I need to do is walk in your door and I relax. You are one of the most caring, loving people I know. You not only give wonderful massages but go above and beyond by listening to what is on my mind. Not only do you listen but the suggestions you offer have been so helpful in other areas of life. Your creative ideas inspire and continue to help me through difficult times. It’s quite evident that you truly care about the ‘whole picture’ as far as what is going on in your clients’ lives. The chakra balancing helps unblock any negative energy that may be causing physical issues and often brings up meaningful thoughts. You have a wonderful ability to pinpoint issues as well and have a great way of helping me see different perspectives, which isn’t always easy to do, but never fails to help. You have found your ‘calling’ and your zest for that keeps me inspired in my own life, and I am so fortunate to have you. You are not just my massage therapist. I am proud to call you my friend.”- Lauren


“Debra is very thorough in the application of her therapies. She is a wonderful person who made me feel comfortable from the time I walked in.” – Jim


“It felt like all the pieces of me had been sewn back together.” – Kathleen


“I can’t find the words that express how much I enjoyed the treatment I received from you before Christmas. The cozy room and warm fire were an extra treat and helped the body work really sink in. I immediately felt a great match with you and can’t wait until our next appointment. I have been truly transformed by the message you shared. It has so many truths for me and has given me a sense of peace and knowing. I am so happy to have added you as a self-care routine. It is another way to remind myself to be more open to intuition and spirit – to surround myself with like-minded people. Thank you again!” – Melissa


“I am amazed at how quickly, during the very first session, that Debra was able to turn my physical and emotional stress and tension issues into a complete sense of peace, relaxation and well-being. It was the greatest gift I could have given myself. I have continued to see Debra and have found that she intuitively knows what type of healing will best suit my needs each time. I emerge from Inner Light feeling profoundly rested, rejuvenated and balanced. I’ve had success with acupuncture and other modes of healing in the past, but nothing equaled Debra’s special touch, from deep massage to chakra balancing or just talking with her as a mentor. Thanks, Debra, for the amazing work you do to help heal, nurture and energize.” – Debbie


“I feel centered and energized. I also feel calmer and more grounded.” – Olga


“When I first began with Debra, I wasn’t sure if my ‘issues’ were that big or worth her time. She helped me feel very comfortable, and helped the conversation get moving. In sharing my griefs, she was able to identify things I wasn’t seeing by taking an objective look at what I was sharing with her. She asked poignant questions, had a fresh perspective, and her knowledge of health, business savvy, and organizational ideas helped me find peace with my inner demons. That was just the first session!  As we are both small business owners, it was very helpful to have someone to talk to that is “there, doing that” with me.  She helped me navigate through some time management stress getting me to actually do the things I knew how to do, but could not quite find the focus or time to implement on my own. Her wonderful listening skills, her requirement and follow up for homework made me accountable….which made me do the things I had put off too long. In return, I am much calmer, feel more focused and even happier in my life. Debra is a warm, very comfortable person to talk to, yet has some “tough love” to give to help one get through their blocks. We all sometimes need a little kick in the pants, a fresh perspective, and even sometimes permission to say no and take care of ourselves first. I would highly recommend Debra to anyone who needs to talk through some stress or work through major life changes. Thank you Debra!” – Laura


“I feel calm, relaxed, and clear, with an overall feeling of well being.” – Mary Kate