“All I need to do is walk in your door and I relax. You are one of the most caring, loving people I know.” – Lauren


Unwind and surrender to a session that is totally focused on you and your body’s needs. Tired and aching muscles will be soothed and stretched to invite deep relaxation and an overall sense of well being. Each session is custom-designed to address whatever is happening when you arrive for your appointment.

Pressure: Light, Medium, DEEP? Let’s Talk About It!

Every massage client arrives with different needs and those needs may change from session to session. At one visit, you may wish for long, light strokes to induce relaxation and to soothe away the tensions of your week – you just want to Feel Good! At other times, you may have “slept weird,” worked too hard in the house or yard or had an emotionally and/or physically trying event that resulted in a “pain in the neck” or an achy back. For these issues, you may be looking for some relief and a kick-start to your healing, which may require the massage work to go a little deeper.


It is also possible to be unaware of how chronically tight our muscles have become over time. Repetitive tasks, habitual compromises to good posture and injury can all contribute to chronic muscle tension and may ultimately result in reduced range of motion and chronic pain. If muscle tension is discovered during your massage session, deeper physical work may be of benefit to aid in muscular release. Deeper techniques address the “issues in your tissues,” and you will almost assuredly experience “good pain” during such a session. Depending on what is going on in YOUR body, the techniques can feel quite intense, but it is always the client’s decision on how deeply we go; YOU are in charge of your session! Communication during a session is key to achieving the best results for your body. We will decide together what level of intensity is comfortable for you.


I offer single sessions at the following rates:

60 minutes $ 80.00
90 minutes $110.00
Multi-Session Discounts are available through The Alternative Health Club – see that page for details.

A complimentary Chakra Balancing session is offered at the end of all initial massage appointments and can be integrated into any session going forward.

Mobile Massage

I am available for on-site massage and own both a massage chair and a heated massage table. Consider hiring me for a private session in your own home, invite me to perform chair massage at a party or get-together at a location of your choice, and/or remember me when you organize or hear of a fundraiser where a massage therapist might be a healthy addition! Rates will be quoted, based on type of service, time and distance.


“Debra has truly found her calling. When I visit Debra for massage and/or Energy Healing I am always moved to the core.  Her wholesome approach leaves me feeling completely at peace and I know that deep down inside all will be well.  Debra truly listens to you and somehow through her ‘magical’ touch eases all your pain and worries.  The minute you meet Debra you are comfortable and immediately start feeling the love she shares with us.”  -E.O.