Herbal Medicine

“We seek to bring about a system of health care wherein primary care is nature-based and practiced in the home; the tools of technological medicine serve as secondary resources; and the herbalist acts as a bridge between the two.”
– Vermont Center for Integrated Health

massage The world of plants is fascinating and oh, so humbling! Before I became an herbalist, I had no idea how powerful they can be and in how many ways they can and do benefit us and our health. Today there are at least 120 distinct chemical substances derived from plants that are considered as important drugs and currently in use in one or more countries in the world. Several of the drugs sold today are simple synthetic modifications or copies of the naturally obtained substances found in plants. The most vital healing constituents in a specific plant are isolated and removed or recreated in a laboratory to make pharmaceutical drugs. Since it all starts with the plants, why not go directly to the source for our “medicine” and return to the ways of healing that are as old as humankind? And while modern medicine has much to offer, herbal medicine can play a wonderful alternative or supportive role in getting us back to, and helping us maintain, our overall good health.

As a certified herbalist, I offer ways to educate, guide and support you on your journey of health:

Herbal Consultations Consultations begin with a review of your detailed health history, which allows for a discussion of your specific health concerns and goals. Once your health history has been reviewed and physical assessments have been made, we’ll map out a plan of treatment. I will suggest herbal formulations for you to try and, together, we will chart your progress towards your goals.

Herbal Consultation Fee is $50/hr. By appointment.  Recommended herbal formulations, available at an additional fee, may include teas, tinctures, salves, tonics, etc.

Herbal Products are available to be purchased separately to support your health maintenance routine, for enjoyment or as gifts. An ever-changing assortment of herbal products may include: salves, teas, soaps, lip balms, vinegars, tonics and tinctures.   Please feel free to ask me for additional information on any product.


“I work as a Medical Interpreter which means I am the voice that connects the patient to the health care provider. I do LOVE my job but as we all know when you are in the medical field some days are just emotionally exhausting. After speaking with you a few months back and telling you a bit more of what my job is really all about, I asked you for some advice and you were kind enough to mention to me the Rose Tincture for the Heart Chakra. I went home with my little brown bottle of goodness and put it to work the very next day. Well I have to tell you that after refilling that little brown bottle 3 times there is something MAGICAL in that Rose Tincture!!! I feel a calmness and a lift to my inner spirit as I enter the hospital. Thank you for being you and for doing the job you do. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your wisdom. I appreciate your help in hearing me when we talk and knowing just where it is I need guidance.” -Elizabeth 


The Year of Herbs:  A Self-Care Adventure

Herbal Medicine and Life Coaching – The Perfect Formula for Health!

The  Year of Herbs is a commitment that signals you are ready to make your self care a priority.  As an herbalist and a life coach, you can count on me to be your personal health consultant, serving as your accountability partner to move you towards greater health and ease in your body, mind and spirit.  Whether you have a chronic condition or just want to experience a greater degree of health, this year of support and treatments will help you to take action to rebuild or fortify your foundation of good health.  


What you get from The Year of Herbs:

Initial in-depth herbal consultation (see above for full description) in which we determine where you are and… where you want to go!  This consultation kick-starts your Year of Herbs.

Monthly phone consultations: 30 minutes (to be arranged).  Monthly consultations will provide an opportunity to track your progress and your challenges.  Together we will assess what is working, what we might want to change, and any shifts that are taking place for you.  The motivation to stay on track with your health commitment is built into the schedule of monthly sessions.   I will follow up each phone consultation with an email summary to help you document progress and stay clear on your objectives.  The goal in each session will be for you to participate in an honest assessment of where you are (and why), strategies for correcting imbalances, and suggestions/brainstorming ideas for making your life the self-care adventure you would like it to be!

An herbal formula each month custom made, just for you.

An email check-in mid-month to see how things are going.

 The Year of Herbs is a 12-month commitment for which you will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to commit to a new level of self care.

Fee:  $600, due with submission of contract.  This price is a substantial savings from individually-priced sessions and formulas.   Please contact me with any questions or to get started on the road to glowing good health!


“Cold Kicker” was just what I needed to kick this cold! I only had time to take it once during my busy work day, but that’s all it took!”  Thank you!  – Christina