Facelift Massage


Counteract the effects of gravity, stress and time!


“Good morning, Debra! And a good morning it is!  What I see overall is: wide open eyes, more relaxed features, less tiredness, and a subtle firmness to my face. I focused on the jaw line and it appears firmer, less saggy than ‘before.’ I’m impressed!  I’ll see you at my next appointment. Have a great day, and thanks for the relaxing hour plus.” -Andrea


Erase the years naturally!


Facelift Massage is a luxurious, non-invasive hour of pampering and relaxation that improves the appearance of the face, creating a healthy and youthful glow. An alternative to surgery or to drugs like Botox, the focus of Facelift Massage is to improve the health and tone of the muscles of the face, neck, head and shoulders. Techniques used include lymphatic drainage, acupressure, myofascial release and muscular therapy. Together these techniques increase circulation, reduce puffiness, encourage a lift for sagging muscles and help diminish wrinkles. The effects may be subtle, but done over time the treatments will have a cumulative effect and can make a significant difference in the overall health and appearance of your face. It also feels so very, very good!


Before Facelift Massage

After 1-Hour Facelift Massage Session


Reduce facial wrinkes and lines; effectively treat sagging, aging skin; cleanse and revitalize your complexion.


Session Fee:  $100.00 for 60 minutes

Multiple-session discounts are offered, as the effects of this treatment are cumulative.  See The Alternative Health Club for details.