Energy Healing

“Energy Medicine is the art of healing at its deepest levels. The intent is to bring the person into internal harmony using the 7 major chakras… as a road map. Rather than a healing technique, the goals of the Energy Medicine Practitioner are to support the client in healing a condition as well as to awaken the client’s passion for living.”

– Rhys Thomas, Founder, Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine


Laying-on of hands has been a form of healing for centuries. Its method is simple – to focus with love and positive intention for the highest healing potential of the recipient. During a healing session, I will work with the seven major chakras to free energy that has become blocked, so that natural rhythms can be restored. Clients may experience a range of states, from deep relaxation to feelings of relief, expansion or greater insight into current life issues. Physical, emotional and/or mental shifts are possible.


Healing with crystals may be done as an adjunct to the laying-on of hands, with the client’s permission(or at the client’s request), for aura and chakra clearings and for balancing the male and female energies.


Energy Healing, of any type, can be integrated into massage sessions or enjoyed on its own. Intentional healings are available, with a focus on: fibromyalgia, stress relief, fertility, life purpose, spinal support, opening to wisdom and more. Each healing session is designed to meet and support you wherever you are in your life’s evolution.

A complimentary Chakra balancing session is offered at the end of all initial massage appointments.


Thanks so much Debra!   I really appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little better.  The day after I saw you I was leaving to see my family and really wasn’t looking forward to it.  I believe that the energy work you did really helped me be in a better place and help me release all the anxiety I had.  The trip ended up being fantastic and I truly enjoyed myself.  So thank you for that!”  -Kelly


Session fees:  

60-minute session  $80

90-minute session  $110

For discount package pricing information, please refer to The Alternative Health Club page.