The Alternative Health Club

You’ve decided to make your health and well-being a priority and are committed to regular bodywork and supportive therapies. Hurray! As your partner in good health, I would like to reward you with a way to make this commitment a little easier and more cost effective. When you commit to a series of sessions within a designated time frame, I will offer you a generous discount through The Alternative Health Club. Here’s how it works: you choose the length of session (60 or 90 minutes) and the frequency of sessions (once a week, twice a month, once a month). All sessions are paid for in advance (with that great discount!) and you have a designated time in which to use them. The packages are time-limited. There is ample “wiggle room” within each time-limited package, but once the time limit is reached, any remaining sessions will be forfeited. This is an arrangement that will work beautifully for you if you know you can commit to the sessions, which is –of course- a commitment to yourself and your good health.alternative health club

Type of
# of
Price Time
Therapeutic Massage* 10 60 $650.00 3 $150.00
10 90 $900.00 3 $200.00
10 60 $700.00 6 $100.00
10 90 $950.00 6 $150.00
10 60 $725.00 12 $75.00
10 90 $1,000.00 12 $100.00
5 60 $385.00 6 $15.00
5 90 $525.00 6 $25.00
Hot Stone Massage 5 75 $550.00 6 $50.00
10 75 $1,050.00 12 $150.00
Facelift Massage 5 60 $450.00 6 $50.00
10 60 $850.00 12 $150.00

*Fees for Energy Healing Sessions are the same as for all options of Therapeutic Massage.

Packages must be selected and paid for in full in advance in order to take advantage of the discounts. Payment is accepted by cash, check or credit card (no AMEX).

Fees for Life Coaching and Herbal Consultations are listed on those respective pages.