Welcome to my very first blog! And welcome to the changes that have been happening here at Inner Light. Though I will continue to offer all the services that you’ve come to know me for in the past – massage, energy healing and life coaching, I’ve added herbal medicine to my “medicine bag” and will integrate it into my practice as a holistic practitioner. The plants have opened up a whole new world to me, one of both gentle support and astounding capabilities. I look forward to sharing these skills and herbal products with you on your journey to health and yes – happiness!

sunflowerSo let’s think for a minute about the connection between health and happiness. Does one necessarily depend on the other? I suppose you could be healthy and not happy (though I would argue with that), but can you really be happy if you’re not healthy? It would be more difficult, if not impossible, depending on what ails you. When we feel good, we tend to forget about all the amazing things our bodies are doing for us on a daily basis, how tirelessly it works to digest, eliminate, nourish and restore. It’s when our bodies show signs of illness, fatigue or dysfunction that we realize how miserable we can feel, on so many levels. I would say then, that happiness rests on a foundation of good health. Without good health, enjoyment of all the “stuff” of life would be diminished.

We all face challenges every day that can chip away at that good health foundation. We (or a loved one) may have an acute or chronic illness, seasonal ailments, change-of-life concerns, family or relationship issues or chronic stress. And we all do our best. But sometimes we need a little help to get us back on track or through a tough time. A trusted friend, a pastor, a family member – a sympathetic ear can be found in many places. But then there are the times when you need to ask for more concerted and sustained help. As a holistic healer, I am able to combine multiple therapies to address your health challenges, often in concert with other professionals, like your physician, psychologist, physical therapist or other health practitioner.

I invite you to begin this new journey with me, as I explore the many ways we can move towards greater health and well being. I’ll be writing about a variety of health- and happiness-related topics. And remember, no need is too great or too small, and it is never too late to participate in your own self care.

Stay Healthy. Be Happy.


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